Firefox OS is not dead on smartphones - Gathering people and ideas

I think you got the point!

Hi all,

Please take a look at this post:

The aim is to help support your community organizing efforts with B2G OS for smartphones moving forward.

Feedback welcome.



I remember this the first time around. Still a good idea.

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So guys, things has been said so what’s next for us (community) now ?


Please check the topic @george posted:

I opened an etherpad ( to design a web-centric UI for B2G’s future. There’s already a first draft, in pdf with pictures for ease of reading, to show the idea. Please feel free to join in.

The recording from the transition kickoff meeting is now live on Air Mozilla:

You can access the Etherpad from the meeting here:

The next steps from this, including gathering the working groups will happen starting next week. In the meantime you can:

  1. Follow this on the Wiki -
  2. Attend the B2G weekly meeting to talk through code transition specifically -
  3. Plan to attend the next overall transition meeting on Thurs April 14 @ 18h30 UTC

…and obviously, you’ll continue organizing/discussing the future outside of these more structured processes!

Apparently, we can start building the transition branch. The weekly meeting that is today, says it:

Hello, guys, any news? It seems that I found it too late, I’m working on a project based on Firefox OS, how is the development here? Still want to continue with this?

Some people who are still interested in getting a Web based mobile OS working shifted to a project called Servonk. Some of them also hang out on #b2g on Freenode.

Servonk, free software mobile OS. Former B2G OS.

Mailing list: (google group:

IRC: #b2g


Telegram Invite: