Firefox OS One and Done Tasks

Many of you are familiar with the One and Done task manager. We have a set of Firefox OS tasks in the tool that the community can run any time they like. But we do like to have someone “own” the task in the tool. Owning the task means you will:

(1) Keep the task up to date.
(2) Answer any questions that community has after they complete the task.
(3) Understand how to use the One and Done admin interface to make edits.

If you are interested in owning one of these tasks, please consult Line 9 of this etherpad and review which tasks currently need owners, and then contact marcia at mozilla dot com to sign up to own a task. Thanks!


Hi Marcia,
I can look out for at least 2 of them - I’ve added my name on the pad. Let me know if you will move the ownership to me or if I need to enter a bug.

I saw some proposed ones - are those discussed or already accepted? I can write some tasks for some of of the proposed ones. Let me know if i should wait or start.


There will be a One and Done session at Mozlando where hopefully we will figure some of this out. Stay tuned for more information.

I will be looking after it then. Thank you!