Firefox OS Participation Hub - Now LIVE!

The Participation Team is thrilled to announce that the Firefox OS Participation Hub is now LIVE! The Hub is designed to be a great launchpad to participate in the Firefox OS project.

With the release of Firefox OS 2.5, we want to make it as easy as possible to participate and make Firefox OS a platform for innovation that will unlock the power of the web on mobile and connected devices.

When you have a moment, please explore the Hub and all its sections and tell us what you think. Also, make sure to create your Hub profile, your personal space where you can indicate the device(s) you have running Firefox OS. This will be particularly important if/when you join the Foxfooding program, which we plan to launch very soon. The Foxfooding program will provide tools and resources to anyone interested in testing Firefox OS and providing telemetry data and feedback to our engineers.

A big hat tip to the Participation Infrastructure Team who worked tirelessly to get the Hub up and running in a matter of weeks.

We’re really excited to see this Hub evolve in a powerful participation platform and become the foundation for building an exciting Participation program around Firefox OS.


I’m a bit confused. I have a fox fooding device already; do I still check the box that says “Check this box if you’re interested in participating in the Foxfooding program and
want to get notified by email once a foxfooding build is available for your device”? I added my IMEI up there, but not sure what else I need to do.

Why is the Flame (Alcatel One Touch) not on the list of available devices?

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So as the Flame device.

Since Flame isn’t listed in available devices, does that mean Flame is not part of foxfooding device?

Flame is part of the foxfooding devices but the build for it is not ready yet.

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Yes, it is coming soon!

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@errietta Yes you need to opt-in on the Hub as well.

Hi Contributors,

It is nice to see the launch.

I got a small doubt, why b2gdroid is not available in Google play.
I hope the size limit is now 100 MB.

The reason I am making this point is we will get better visibility of b2gdroid when it is in Android Play store.

Thank you

Hi Nuke, any idea why flame is not listed on device page?

Hi @Swarnava

This was answered on the dev-fxos mailing list by @pdol :

Regarding the Flame - we’re just waiting on being able to link to an updated 2.5 build before adding it. It should be there before long.

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B2GDroid is not yet in Google Play due to it’s alpha/developer preview status. It is a little bit too early for us to get it into Google Play, but that is the plan over the coming months (once we get to Beta status).

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Thank you.

Waiting for the moment.

Will the ZTE Open C (sold in France summer 2014) also be part of this program?
For the moment, I only see ZTE Open (which is not the same)

Any device we can get a foxfood build can be part. Porting is an important part of the program :smile:

Yes, see

I’ve included this topic with other important information in the main pinned topic

Wow, paid a visit to the hub already and found it cool, Seems like Ffos will move faster. great work done Participation team. Thanks!!!