Firefox Quality Initiatives - 2016 - AirMozilla Video

(Chiorean Ioana) #1

Hey all,
I stumble upon this talk and I found it very interesting - check it out:

Benjamin Smedberg will present a brownbag talk describing several focus
areas and initiatives to improve Firefox quality over the coming year.
These initiatives include:

  • Bug handling: how we are going to
    focus on our incoming bugs, make decisions about them, and improve both
    the quality and quantity of incoming bug reports.
  • Data-driven
    quality: data collection needs to be a component in the process of
    writing and maintaining Firefox, complementing automated and manual
  • Test plans: Test plans are an important part of
    maintaining the quality of new features. As part of writing a test plan,
    our testing team will go through a checklist of possible trouble areas,
    and help engineers determine the right combination of automation, data
    collection, and manual testing to ensure that each feature ships with
    high quality