Firefox Quantum Screenshot :: Existing and new feature suggesions

(Shubham Negi) #1

Existing feature improvements:

  1. Screenshots should be saved locally, later those can be auto synced by firefox later (Cool).
  2. After taking the screenshots, firefox should not redirect the user to the shot page. A notification informing user about the screenshot details, and stuff would be sufficient.
  3. Library can be customized, for better user interaction with their data.

New feature requests:

  1. Slideshow to display screen-shots.
  2. Should allow user to change the output format. (e.g. jpg, etc)
  3. should have information where, when it’s been taken.

PS: Mozilla done great job, and now I don’t feel recommending firefox to mates, and friends. Speed has really improved, internet surfing is wonderful, UI is precious, CPU memory consumption has reduced by 150-300 MB.

(Avatara9) #2

Edit saved pictures , draw some arows, brackets, lines - this feature will make it awesome!

(Shubham Negi) #3

Thanks @avatara9 Features like drawing shapes, highlighting areas, and related stuff would be an great enhancement…

(Clouserw) #4

Thanks for the feedback. We’re always thinking about new features to add to Screenshots.

We’re working on the shapes and highlighting right now. is a place where you can watch progress

(Shubham Negi) #5

@clouserw what if I myself want to help improve firefox.
PS: I’m a developer myself (Guide me if I want to contribute). I recently downloaded the mozilla browser on my android device and I can help find improvements. Recent observations: keyboard enter is not intuitive when browsing the internet.

(Clouserw) #6

A good high level start is . If you want mobile firefox specifically start at . Cheers

(edf) #7

Horizontal scroll as an option. Several of the sites I visit leverage horizontal scrool, instead of vertical scroll. Would be great to capture those too.

Bonus points: The ability to do both horizontal and vertical scroll when capturing an iframe that have both scrollbars!