[Firefox Quantum Sprint] Best practices

(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Earlier this week we sent best practices for hosts. Here they are:

  1. Show this useful video on how to report to your attendees. It’s short and explains simply how to report.
  2. Ask people to double check the category they fill the issue. If they are not sure, it’s better to ask you than fill invalid categories.
  3. Ask people to always check on another browser (for example chrome). If the problem persists on chrome there is nothing we can do.
  4. Ask people to write good descriptions on how to reproduce the bug. Otherwise we are not helping the engineers to figure out the bug and fix it.
  5. Make sure that the problem is not related to connectivity issues. If a page takes forever to load in both Firefox and Chrome for example, then probably it’s a connectivity issue and not a webcompat issue.

Also a very useful article on what webcompat issues are can be found here

Please do read it before starting reporting. It can also be useful in case you’re in doubt if you have found an issue or not.