Firefox ScreenshotGo for Indonesia

Hi Mozilla Indonesia Community!

You’ve already heard about the exciting launch of Firefox Lite. We are excited to also tell you about an app exclusively for Indonesia, that we want you to help us share - Firefox ScreenshotGo.

ScreenshotGo is a free app that makes users capture, organize and find the screenshots in just seconds.

This app is important to our mission because it helps users break the barriers of app silos by making it easy to save contents via offline screenshots for later. When the screenshot is needed at a later time, this app empowers users to easily get back to the web for relevant contents.

We’re asking for your help to connect more people to this great app by downloading, rating and sharing it on the Google Playstore.

Your support helps Mozilla’s mission go farther! We’ll be meeting in the Jakarta Community Space on November 1st to celebrate the launch of Firefox Lite and ScreenshotGo all our invited to join us. RSVP for the event here.

Chloe & Konstantina

The Rocket & Community Development Teams

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