Fix the Homescreen

I would like to fix the homescreen so we can see chrome “modules” (settings etc.) and pinned websites on it again. I runned the latest transition branch in mullet and I don’t have anything on my homescreen.

Can anyone help me with this and point me to the right spots?

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See the last weekly notes:

@Cwiiis is working on it, here the metabug to track the progress:
Maybe you can contact him to know how to help.

This could also be a point to ask during the mentoring session (please add it to the pad ;))

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Hi there,

This work is tracked by meta bug 1261028 (Get home screen working as chrome). The main work needed is to transition the homescreen to use the new Places database in IndexedDB (added in bug 1257824 )rather than the now deprecated mozApps registry and bookmarks Data Store. I believe @Cwiiis has a WIP patch for this in bug 1267680. Help appreciated!


Snap :slight_smile:

Hi @benfrancis could you answer my question in the bug.

Also if you tell us about if we can use this for the apps that right now are in dead_apps folder for try to colaborate in revive some of this apps. In case this is not a API and we can not comunicate, you consider how can we start. I mean the part of this apps that is using the old datastore API.

A key missing piece is that we need to broadcast messages to notify the homescreen of changes to pinned sites and pinned pages. I’ve filed bug 1270102 for that. Help welcome.

You can now pin sites to the home screen. We should try to turn the apps in the disabled_apps folder into web apps so that you can just add them to the home screen using metadata in a web app manifest. This will probably also involve hosting them somewhere. GitHub Pages could be enough to start experimenting.

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HI @benfrancis thanks for answer.

That sounds interesting, but how this disable_apps can interact with the WepAPIs if is needed, since this Bug 1266035, is only expose for Chrome apps.

We write the responsibility in the Homescreen and this export in one service REST or other mechanism, there is other plan?

And back in my previous question, about the datastore, this disable_apps uses a lot this API for saving the data, there is plan to create something for the web_apps, where they can save the data in a webservice or whatever, or should this web_apps implement, each of them a mechanism for save the data trough indexedb or other available.

I build the latest kanikani branch and currently run it in mulet. I can pin pages and sites, but they do not appera after restarting. If I understood you right, this is supposed to work?