Flash on Z3C

For a problem during the OTA the phone enter in a freezing block, so the only things that I can do was to reboot but now is in a bootloop of the sony screen at the start.
ADB reconize the phone so i tried with a reboot and finally a reboot in recovery mode and from here i wipe the data but is not enough.
For the flame there are the instructions and links to the roms but for that phone I found only https://firefoxos.mozilla.community/device/Sony/Xperia%20Z3%20Compact that are not the original Firefox OS rom with OTA.
Any help?

Any help for that?
For the zip package with the rom?

Hi @Mte90 I used this this update.zip in the past and flashed by sideload :stuck_out_tongue: maybe can help you https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/foxfooding-update-devices/7378/14

Thank you so much now is working!

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