Flashing to latest stable image failed

(Ratul Minhaz) #1

Facing problem while flashing the tablet to latest stable image. I am not very experienced with flashing devices, so I have no idea why this is happening.

[[ Execute: /usr/bin/fastboot flash boot ./boot.img ]]
sending ‘boot’ (9934 KB)…
OKAY [ 0.775s]
writing ‘boot’…
FAILED (status read failed (No such device))
finished. total time: 5.949s
Problem occured. Process abort!

What should I do now?

(Luigi Tedone) #2

Which build did you try?

(Ratul Minhaz) #3

I tried 20150108 build, the current stable one.

(Luigi Tedone) #4

It seems like you disconnected the devide from the USB or it was disconnected via software. Did you try to flash again? Can you see the device when it is attached? (Try to run into the terminal adb devices or fastboot devices if you have the fastboot text on the display of your tablet)