Flatfish builds (planning)

(Yousef Alam) #1

We had some discussion and we’re looking to organize some builds so folks can flash the latest even if they’re not able to build it themselves.

@gioyik has a project in the works to provide builds for some released devices, and Community IT can provide resources/people.

@asa, do you have a specific place for us to start or should we just go for it? and for now it will just be gecko/gaia builds correct?

(Brion) #2

On this subject – is it safe to try master builds for flatfish yet? Or should I wait a bit before trying pre-2.0…

(Brion) #3

So I’ve managed to get a build built but am having trouble flashing it – https://wiki.mozilla.org/Talk:FirefoxOS/TCP/Patching#Problems_flashing

Any ideas? If it might be a VM/Parallels issue with the device USB I’ll try setting up on a straight Linux machine…

(Steve Lee) #4

HI Brion, I just replied over on the wiki before I spotted this. Can you move the details here?

I have played with the ZTE open device which needs 2 udev rules setting up for the USB connection to work after the reboot. eg

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="19d2", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"

Perhaps flatfish needs the same? You spotted the id appear to change after reboot…can you run 'lsusb; with the device rebooted to get the 2nd id?

Otherwise I suggest you ask on #b2g and update the TCP wiki pages?

(A.Ben) #5

Is there a published build ? I just bricked my tablet trying an RTL language .I just can not access the menu to change language so i need to reset it .

(Steve Lee) #6

I’ll let others answer about images, but perhaps if the problem is you cannot understand the menus then someone else could guide you through by position to change it back?

Please do create a bug.

(A.Ben) #7

I do understand the language ( native ) ; bug already filed the menus are shifted to the right :s


Anyone like the idea of a standardized build environment pre-built in a virtual machine? For example, create a Linux machine under VirtualBox (GPLv2) with one of the more intuitive UIs (MATE) that we could share for people on Windows, MacOS, if they had enough memory, etc.? We could plug that in to pull the latest source tree and go, hopefully with just the Gecko and Gaia parts. Would we need Gonk?

(Josh Smith) #9

I have the same issue on OS X, which should already have the rules set up correctly. (It works fine on my ZTE Open and Geeksphone Peak.)

I will ask on #b2g, but do you have any other ideas as to the cause? Or, a way to modify udev on OS X?

(Steve Lee) #10

Anything that helps people get going is good.A FoxBox VM for Firefox OS was already mentioned on MDN.

Note I run a VMWare player VM of Ubuntu 12.04 on my Windows 8.1 box and it runs fine for build and flash, but your need plenty of resources: For a single build folder I need 40GB disk, 8m ram and 4 processors. And that is very slow at times compared to my laptop running Ubuntu with similar spec.

(Brion) #11

Finally got a chance to do another build, and confirmed that the device has a different vendor ID when it comes up in fastboot mode. I added a note to https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/TCP/Patching#Gotcha:_udev_rules_for_Linux

I have successfully done a complete system flash from master branch, which reports itself as 2.1 prerelease. Yay!