Followers config disappears on restart


I have a dimmer switch and light and am trying to use the follower add on to sync the light brightness to the switch level.

However every time the webthing service is restarted, the configuration disappears. The on/off configuration which is done via rules is fine but the follower configuration has gone.

This is on version 1.0 on a raspberry pi, which was installed by adding the package to an existing pi that is doing other things, hence I did not use the webthings pi image. It was running 0.12 but only very briefly and so the first restart could well have been the one when 1.0 was installed and the problem was seen. I now see the issue every time the pi, or the service is restarted.

Thank you for any help

I tried adding a new follower and this error appeared in the log:


creating the directory and adding the follower again resulted in that file appearing and now when I restart the server the followers are still there.

Please file an issue here: