Food for thought - Gnome moved to GitLab

Many of you may have already run across this, but I found it very interesting.

GNOME moves to GitLab

If one of the current goals Thunderbird is pursuing is new contributors, these quotes are particularly interesting.

The switch from many tools to a singular experience also significantly reduces the barrier of entry for newcomers to the GNOME Project, something that the GNOME Foundation is particularly interested in as it continues to focus on growth.

“After switching to GitLab, I noticed almost immediately an increase in contributions from people I hadn’t met before. I think GitLab really lowered the threshold for people getting started,” says Philip Chimento, maintainer of GJS (JavaScript Bindings for GNOME).

Anyway, if my reading of Thunderbird developments current state is accurate, now wouldn’t be the time to debate moving away from Mercurial and/or BugZilla, but I do think watching how things go for GNOME will prove interesting.