Forming Tech Speaker Team [Bangladesh]

(Salman Rahman Desh) #1

Hi Awesome Mozillians!
So we the Bangladeshi Mozillians are trying to form a perfect speaker team in our local community. And that’s the Topic!
Our progress will be posted here to let you notify, judge and to do advice. Thank you very much for your appreciation!

(Salman Rahman Desh) #2

Hi Awesome Mozillians!
We have successfully done our first event called as Tech Speaker V1.0
As we are trying to create a local Tech Speaker Team, so this event was to Identify, Develop and Practice our speaking skills. Blogs are coming soon! For now here are some photos from event.

(Salman Rahman Desh) #3

Mozilla Tech Speaker Bangladesh weekly online Meeting on every Friday 10:00PM through hangout.

(Rabimba) #4

Suggestion: Be sure to concentrate on the ‘tech’ part of the speaking excerscise as well.

I know we didn’t emphasize on it on Mozfest or Singapore LS due to the way the workshops had to be done in time constraint.
But try to select topics related to tech :slightly_smiling:

BTW awesome effort.

(Salman Rahman Desh) #5

Rabimba da, yes we will obviously focus on tech. Thank you very much for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

(Salman Rahman Desh) #6

And our 2nd event of Tech Speaker Bangladesh has done successfully on 25th March, 2016 at NewsCred, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Which was mainly based on “Story Telling; Technology & Me”. Blogs and Photos are following below!


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Flickr: Tech Speaker Event V2.0 Photos