FOSDEM 2016 - Call for Papers

Hello mozillians,

One more year FOSDEM is coming. The biggest FLOSS event in Europe will be held as usual at Brussels on January 30th, to 31st.
Mozilla has presence since 2003, and next year we will have a Mozilla Room again.

This is a call for all mozillians (staff and volunteers) to propose your talks for FOSDEM.

Like we did last year, our idea is to propose some topics that will be aligned with Mozilla goals for 2016.

If you are shy, or don’t feel like you want to talk in public, we will open a call for volunteers later. We will have our devroom only one day (on Saturday), so please note that we cannot assure that your talk will be selected due to agenda constrains.

If you want, you can propose a talk for the other dev-rooms in pentabarf.


The topics that we want to cover for this next edition are:

  • Privacy/Advocacy
  • Games/VR
  • Hello/WebRTC
  • Firefox Desktop
  • Firefox for Android
  • Firefox for iOS
  • Developer Tools
  • Firefox OS
  • Open Web Services
  • Localization
  • Webcompat
  • Add-ons

Other talks are allowed as usual, but we will be focusing on these topics.
For budgeting reasons, we will be only available to sponsor volunteers from Europe (and some surrounding countries) and that will apply also for speakers, so please be aware of this when you submit your proposal.

If you feel that you are not able to talk in public, or too shy, you can suggest topics/talks for the Mozilla devroom on the public etherpad.

Important Information

Duration of the talks: 30 minutes including Q&A
Deadline: December 4th.
Acceptance notifications: December 18th.

Presentations will be recorded and streamed, so sending your proposal it will imply that you accept and give permission for this. Note that recording will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (cc-by), however, exceptions could be requested.

To submit your proposal, visit

If you have previously send a proposal for FOSDEM, you should probably have a pentabarf account. So we kindly suggest you to not create a new one. If you forgot your password, please reset it. If this
is your first time using pentabarf, go ahead and create an account.

After you have your account configured (you will receive a confirmation email), create the event, and click on “Show all” in the top right corner to diplay the full form. When submitting your talk in
pentabarf, make sure to select “Mozilla devroom” as track, and include the following information:

  • The title and subtitle of your talk
  • A short abstract of one paragraph
  • A longer description if you wish to do so
  • Links to related websites/blogs etc

All contributors who will be selected for a talk, will be sponsored for travel and accommodation.


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Moving to mozillians category to have wider visibility.

Francisco: What is the criteria for getting selected? For example are we balancing talks across all the different categories?

Hi @marcia,

The plan is like we did last year, hopefully we received a lot of good proposals like last edition.

We will be voting based on 3 categories:

  • Relevance of the topic
  • Relevance of the speaker
  • Importance of the talk.

This approach is very similar to what FOSDEM uses for select the talks, and very similar to what we use in other events.

Aside that, we will try to include as many topics as possible, so ideally we have one talk covering one topic (like last year:


I would like to present on the history of Firefox OS and how it moves the Mozilla mission forward. I can speak anywhere from half an hour to an hour.


Hi @asa,

Please feel free to send the proposal through Penta… I can help you if you need it.


Call for Volunteers just announced in this thread:

Hello all,

The schedule has been announced, you can check it on the official webpage:
Mozilla Track

The talks selected were:

  • Mozilla: Future of Firefox OS (Asa Dotzler)
  • Building add-ons for Firefox with WebExtensions (Jorge Villalobos & Dan Callahan) [title to be confirmed]
  • Developing addons for Firefox OS (Alex Lakatos & Adrian Crespo) [title to be confirmed]
  • Rock the Helpful Web with SUMO (Michal Dziewonski)
  • Maintaining your community (Ali Spivak)
  • The use of OpenSource software in Mozilla (Ludovic Hirlimann)
  • How Your Data Helps to Improve Firefox (Robert Kaiser)
  • An HTTP/2 update (Daniel Stenberg)
  • Firefox Performance Monitoring (David Rajchenbach-Teller)
  • Automated UI testing on FxOS - Workshop (Johan Lorenzo & Martijn Wargers)
  • WebIDL: the language of Web APIs (Jean-Yves Perrier)
  • Leveraging the Open Web to work & play with microcontrollers (Flaki)
  • Micro-benchmarking Javascript tips (Hannes Verschore)
  • Build your world in webVR: MOzVR to resuce (Rabimba Karanjai)
  • Privacy and Tracking protection in Firefox (Raegan MacDonald & Francois Marier)
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Congrats too all!
@asa @KaiRo, @alex_lakatos @mwargers @jorgev @CodingFree @vesper @aspivak @flaki @teoli & all