Found issue with Youtube app - known?


Hi all, when I watch a video from the youtube app (I haven’t tried specifically from the browser I don’t think) I’ve found a problem when exiting fullscreen. The page won’t scroll down until I rotate my screen. It tries to stretch the video.

Is this already known or should I file it?

I’m on my Z3C and it hasn’t been updated since it was given to me.
Platform version: 45.0a1
Build Identifier: 20151130130150

(Marcela Oniga) #2

Hi Kensie,

I have the same issue on my Z3C, I would file a bug or search Bugzilla to see if one is already logged.


So I tried reproducing it right after a restart and it didn’t show up. But I had restarted my phone to reproduce the volume bug. When I tested again it was back, but I had also opened a bunch of other things. I was going to do some playing around to see if I could trigger it on demand.

I didn’t try closing all other apps to see if that fixed it first.

(Aalldredge) #4

Hello, A bug has been entered based on your original post. Thank you for reporting this.