Foxfooding Preview

(Muh Fachrul Razy) #21

Hi @nukeador, I really interested to commit for being a regular user and contributor to this program

(Sai Karthik) #22

Amazing :smiley: !

(Marcia) #23

For those that have Flames, a good first step to get ready for this program is to make sure you have the latest base image flashed - see for more information about how to flash the base image on your device.


hey @nukeador this is absolutely great news!!
I am ready to test for this program :smile:

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Hi @nukeador I would be glad to join. I am no computer scientist but I have a Flame device I use as my only phone. I’m able to flash it with up-to-date images and indeed I’m usually on the nightly update channel. I report some issues and file some bugs once in a while, but I’d like to contribute in a more structured way.

(Rodrigo Waters) #26

Wow ! I have a Flame and I am interested in help

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(Asa Dotzler) #27

I too have a Flame and am ready to help!

(Nicolas MANDIL) #28

Thank you for making this happening !
My Flame and I are ready to go from free dogfooding to foxfooding

(Prathamesh Chavan) #29

Hey @nukeador
I am very much excited about this program and would love to join in !

(Micheal Abaho) #30

Excited about this…

(Marko Andrejić) #31

Count me in! I’ll be glad to help if I can! :slight_smile:

(Rubén Martín) unpinned #32
(San James) #33

Happy to jump in here.

(Ashickur Rahman) #34

Hey @nukeador

I have a flame device. Hope I can help.

One of our awesome local contributor (he has already fixed some bug of Firefox OS, webamker and Kitsune) want to participate, but don’t have any device. Can you tell us, how to request for a device?

(Rubén Martín) #35

Details will be announced as soon as the Foxfooding program is launched. Stay tuned.

(Gowtham Venkat) #36

I installed the Android hack in my friend’s phone. It is Micromax Yureka plus. I mentioned my experience in the blog. Link here :

(Sunnat) #37

Hey @nukeador,
I have got the brand new SONY XPERIA Z3. I am on it… :smile:

(Claire) #38

Finally ordered a nexus 4 after a lot of hesitations. I hope I did the good choice and soon a Foxfooder :wink: (new in mozilla community, never tried Firefoxos, contributing other free softares, in love with free software culture).

(Gabriela) #39

Hi @yousef I have 2 flame devices, one with Spark, the other without. I’m using the non Spark one as my primary phone. I’ll be available to help testing as much as I can!


(Chrisbrianhui) #40

Hi Genma comment avoir la version spark?