FoxYeah - MozCafe Firefox Spring Campaign Karachi - Tuesday 16th June

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #1

Hello everyone,

I would like to share about the #FoxYeah Firefox Campaign event which I held in mid-June in my hometown of Karachi in Pakistan.


All Firefox Student Ambassadors and Mozillians from Karachi were invited to attend the Firefox Spring Campaign event on 16th June after office hours at 6pm at a co-working place called “DotZero” located in the middle of the city in Karachi, Pakistan.


  • I had been looking at venues for holding this event from 2 weeks prior to the event date as I needed a space where the following equipment would be available to fully brief about this campaign:

  • Projector,

  • Mic for speaking,

  • Multimedia support for showing the FoxYeah campaign videos,

  • Internet access through WiFi

  • Registration Form (it’s closed now) ->


  • Told them the Firefox Spring Campaign Motto: “When Its Personal, Choose Firefox!”

  • Briefed all attendees about the Firefox Spring Campaign using the FoxYeah Slide Deck ->

  • Download the latest Firefox using the Firefox download landing page which was specially created for the Firefox Spring Campaign ->

  • Watched the FoxYeah “Welcome to Firefox” video ->

  • Visited the FoxYeah website -> to show & share the campaign content (videos, memes, images, etc.), download Firefox from this website and showed my own display image on the header of the website :wink:

  • Asked the #FirefoxStudents to Create & Submit #FoxYeah content (memes, photos,
    videos, graphics, etc.) by participating in the #FoxYeah Contest hosted by the Firefox Student Ambassadors program on Facebook ->

  • Guided the FSAs on how to arrange a MozCoffee themselves to teach others about the FoxYeah Firefox Spring Campaign using this Teaching Kit ->

  • And at the end of event, played all “When It’s Personal, Choose Firefox” FoxYeah campaign videos ->

After Party:

After the event, we went downstairs to “Pizza Hut” which is located on the ground floor in the same building of “DotZero” :smile:



(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #2

Firefox Club Leads Hangout 1.0 - FoxYeah Firefox Spring Campaign

In order to reach more Firefox Student Ambassadors, a week later I held 2 online Google+ Hangouts with more than 15 Club Leads of different Firefox Clubs from all over Pakistan to teach them about the Firefox Spring Campaign, how they can participate in it and get other students & FSAs from their campuses to participate in the campaign as well. Duration of each Hangout session was 1 hour max.



(Noitidart) #3

Pretty cool man. A quick aside: I was considering Urdu translation for my addons. Do most of your people there use the browser in English? Or are there really people with Urdu version of Fx?

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #4

Hi @noitidart, yes everyone uses the English version as Firefox has not been localized in Urdu yet.

(Noitidart) #5

Cool thanks for that update. I know that the subconttinent techies are pretty much English speakers huh? So I heard The Fx41 or 42 got the Urdu translation but its not much use no? As English is the main language?

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #6

Don’t get me wrong, the Urdu version of Firefox will be extremely helpful for our local users. Since it has not been Localized in Urdu yet and therefore hasn’t been released as well, that’s why everyone has to use the English version. I am sure there will be manyyyyyy Firefox Urdu users once it is released.

(Noitidart) #7

Ah ok interesting, are there people that actually don’t know any English that will be using the computers? I’m from the area as well that’s why I ask :stuck_out_tongue:

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #8

Yes i think there are…