Frees Training platform

(Tunde Awopegba) #1

Good day all,

Please I need help with getting a frees structured platform where students am mentoring can have access to online training training and also issue certificate of completion.

I saw that Mozilla is a partner with Udemy as a non governmental organization. How can I leverage on this and be able to help the students grow their skills.


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

There are a lot of platforms open source to do that.
If you take an hosting you can do it on your own without any refer to Mozilla as example and be more autonomous.
The technical term is LMS that is Learning Management System (like CMS), if you search online you can find a lot of solution for that :slight_smile:

(Tunde Awopegba) #3

Thanks Daniele,

I really appreciate your help. I will explore that. The key reason why I want a body like Udemy is for the certificate given. So that the students can be motivated as I live in a country where certifation is key.


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

This tools have a certificate builder, the point is who release the certificate?
Often in different country the certificate as a value also based on who release it as company/foundation and the author of the course.

(Tunde Awopegba) #5

Thanks for the quick response.

I not an authority, so i cannot issue certificate. Even if I do, no body is going to respect it. But when its coming from a known education body. they will respect it.

I will like to have some suggestions regarding the LMS if you have.


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #6

I work with LMS software so my suggestion is to think what is the content of the course.
It is about Mozilla stuff? If yes Mozilla doesn’t release certificates and as Reps council we already discussed about it with other volunteers.
We do it only based on different circumstances and when we receive emails to reps council (so we can investigate every case).
Also they are not release by Mozilla because no one there can firm something for them so is more easy to release it as local community (In that way there is no involvement of Mozilla).

Anyway my suggestion is to see the topic, for who is the course (schools, university, workers), if include videos etc