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(Ashwin Phadke) #41

I have submitted my Year plan a long ago, but have not received any review status yet. When will my year plan be reviewed of club captain and RC both.

(Maryam) #42

Thanks Christos, I’ll see if I can find anyone…

(Christos Bacharakis) #44

Hi Ashwin and thanks for reaching out.

I believe we have sort out reviewing your year plan already. They occurred because you used a different email for applying to be an RC and another one for going through the training.

In general the reviewing process of year plans can take some time given the high number of applicants and the low number of reviewers.
In any case, your application has already been reviewed and a conversation via email has already initialized with you in an effort of providing clarifications.




This is Priyanshu Jain from Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, India. I have applied for campus club around 4 months ago. I have completed Orientation for Campus Club Leaders and started conducting activities. I am regularly reporting activities of our club but I have not connected to any RC. How we will get our official status of MCC and also I haven’t received any certificate regarding this Orientation course. Please help us. My email is

Thank you

(Piyush) #46

Hi @Christos
We are still waiting to get our year plan getting reviewed. Can you please provide us more info about the current progress and what are the next steps.

(Christos Bacharakis) #47

Hi @priyanshujain and @poush .

For any specific issues please e-mail

We can’t connect you with an RC unless there is one available in your area. That doesn’t have an effect in your work though. You can continue running the available activities and report them.
Regarding a certificate, I am afraid that we don’t issue one for the completion of the Orientation Course.

For more information about the process you can check the Get-Started guide on our website.


(Cs) #48

We are organising events under mozilla club in our college, we are planning to recruit new exec body as we will be leaving our college this apiril. Can you please help me regarding reporting new office bearers.

(Dogancancolak1) #49

My friend and i created a mozilla campus club in Turkey and we two are club captains but i cant see my name on club when i search for it. There is just my friends name. How can i solve this situation ?

(Christos Bacharakis) #50

Hi @csiriteja and @dogancancolak1 ,
for this type of enquiries please drop us a line at campusclubs AT

(Arun Fiddler) #51

I have completed both the orientation courses and i received the certificate though by February 8 .I want to register my club so i filled a form and applied for the Mozilla Campus Club but i didnot get any updates from mozilla and my club is also not available on the campus clubs page. Please help me.!

(Christos Bacharakis) #52

Hi there and thanks for reaching out.

As Mozilla Campus Clubs program, we do not issue any kind of certificates for completing our training.
This sounds like you completed the training for Mozilla Clubs, not for Mozilla Campus Clubs.

That’s alright though. Please use the link which can be found in our on-boarding process on the website in order to complete the proper training. After you complete the training you will receive an email with further steps for making your campus club active.

You can also find all the necessary information for this process here.

(Cs) #53

I want my name removed from the mozilla clubs map present under connect as I graduate this apiril. Can you please help me with that


(Christos Bacharakis) #54

Hi there, I am afraid that I don’t know your name so can you please mail us at campusclubs AT mozilla DOT com with your details and your request?

Thank you

(Amine Zaafouri) #55

Hi @Christos
I hope you’re doing well !
In this page It is written : The map is updated in a bi-weekly base. However the last update was at: Feb 20th 2017

(Christos Bacharakis) #56

Hi Amine and thanks for that!

Yes the map is updated in a bi-weekly base, the indicator wasn’t!
Will fix it asap!


(Maryam) #57

Hi Christos,

I have a question: in the map, I can see an active club in my region and I’m the only RC in the country, however, I haven’t been assigned a club yet. I was wondering if this club already has a RC, and if not, how can I get involved/contact them? Thanks


(Khaledfkb) #58

Hello everybody…
I have completed club training…
and I have completed the three courses :
*orientation for open source campus club leaders.
*orientation for Mozilla club leaders.
*open leadership 101.
And l have completed the plan of year, and I selected the active and run in my university But I don’t know report it and
the problem is that my club is not on the map.
I need your help.
Thank you.

(Christos Bacharakis) #59

Hi there!

I believe that this question has already been replied on facebook.
You club will be on the map as soon as you complete the activity and report about it. A report link will be send to you by the end of the month as it is sent to all active Club Captains in a monthly base.

(Christos Bacharakis) #60

Hi there, can you please mail your request at including the club’s information as well?

Thank you

(Maryam) #61

Hi Christos,

Sure, I just did. Thanks