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(Parth0595) #62

I am Parth and I have registered for the campus club. How to contact the regional coordinator and if they will contact us, how long will they take? I have created the club and registered as a captain. Also, I want to know about the logos we can use for our club. I have already started conducting free workshops and it would be helpful if we can get any guidance. Please reply.

(Christos Bacharakis) #63

Hi @parth0595 and thanks for reaching out.

As I informed you in all the previous threads in facebook yesterday, unfortunately there are not any active Regional Coordinators in your area yet.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t run the program’s activities though! If you need any more information or help about an activity in specific feel free to start a new thread here addressing your questions or you can directly contact us at

Thank you

(Parth0595) #64

hi @Christos
I recently registered my campus club with mozilla and we are not assigned any regional coordinator yet. Also, I have submited my year’s plan and I am not getting any replies from your provided emails. I am already taking workshops in my campus and it would really be helpful if we can get any support as we are handling over 500 students. Please contact me.


Parth Gupta
Club captain
Punjabi Uniersity Patiala

(Christos Bacharakis) #65

Hi there and thanks for reaching out.

What kind of support are you looking for?
For any specific requests please send us an email.

Regarding the workshops you are running, are they the workshops we are hosting on our website? If so I am interested learning more how they work for you.


(Parth0595) #66

I have send emails but I haven’t got any reply. I along with the members recently organised a workshop for teaching students about using GIT and it was really cool. Currently, our campus club have 10 members and we are managing over 500 students. I am expecting a great increase in the joining by the end of this month. So, it would be very motivating and helpful for the members if we can have a direct interaction with any Representative and discuss with him/her about our plans and about open source. As we have not been assigned any regional coordinator yet so I am coordinating with other campus clubs on facebook. Also, we are not active on the Map. The main reasons is I am not getting any replies for the emails I have sent to the provided email.

thanks for your reply ! :slight_smile:

(Parth0595) #67

I applied for the club, completed the orientation and have registered the club officially in the campus but I have not been assigned any regional coordinator and we are not getting any support from the mozilla. We have conducted 2 workshops which were a great hit but I am confused as to what to do next. I am not sure if I will be assigned any regional coordinator and my club is not even showing on the Map. It’s been around a month now. Can we get any kind of guidance as I am not getting any responses from the email you have provided above.

(Khaledfkb) #68

Hello … I have implemented the activity and I wrote the monthly report … But the club did not appear on the map and the map did not occur since a long time … There are no links to the current monthly reports

(Christos Bacharakis) #69

Hi there, please reach out to us through email with your Club’s details.
Thank you

(Khaledfkb) #70


My name is Khaled fisal Bataineh and the name club is yarmouk University…


I have done activities and communication about us since its inception but my club is not on the map … I feel that the map has not happened since a long time and thank you very much.

(Shubhendra Singh Chauhan) #71

Hi Christos
It’s been a month since I apply for mozilla campus club and I have not received any mail regarding progress of my application. I also sent a mail to campusclubs[at] but I didn’t receive any reply. Can you help me out?

(Abdullah Khan) #72

I applied for the Mozilla campus club but haven’t heard back. Please help.

(Natasha Chaudhary) #73


Yes absolutely, they are different so would suggest that you apply for Mozilla Campus Club. Mozilla Campus Clubs are run from your College campus and all the activities are catered to the students of your college. Let us know if anything else!

Thank you,

(Natasha Chaudhary) #74


Could you send us an email at so we can discuss more about your application status. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

(Natasha Chaudhary) #75

Hello Shubhendra,

Your queries have been responded to through email. We responded confirming you as officially registered on 24th September. Congratulations on that! Let us know if you haven’t received the emails or still have more questions.

Thank you,

(Natasha Chaudhary) #76

Hello Khaled, we will look into it, thank you for letting us know!

(Shubhendra Singh Chauhan) #77

Yes my queries have been responded.
Thank you :slight_smile:

(Upin Huang) #78

I finished the training from Orientation for Open Source Campus Club Leaders and registered the club year plan. I have not received any mail regarding progress of my application.Can you help me?
by Huang Yu Pin

(Sauhard Dobhal) #79

Hey there,
I’d like to know that how to report inactive campus club?

(Tyagisagar79) #80

Sir @Christos,
I have completed my orientation program but haven’t receive a mail till now. What to do now??
Thanks in advance for any kind of help!!

(Rohit Choudhari) #81

I’ve finished the Orientation and submitted the year plan, still haven’t received an email. Please help!