FSA / Mozillians Meetup - Madurai

(Vigneshwer Dhinakaran) #1

Event date: 16th June 2015
Location: Cafe Coffee Day , Annanagar
Time: 1: 30 pm to 6 :00 Pm

Event Pad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/mozilla-madurai-meetup

Event Covered:

  • The event was a gathering of FSA’s / Mozillians who were interested to learn , contribute ,Share things about Mozilla .

  • The event mainly educated mozillians and FSA to take up more roles in community building activities in madurai.Mozilla Madurai club and Madurai Womoz was inaugrated. Planning and scheduling of upcoming events.

  • Covered topics such as Mozilla club, SUMO , MDN , Web literacy, Privacy , MLS ,
    Webmaker , Localization, FireFox OS , and different kind of events like Appdays, Hackathons, Marketplace days etc.

  • FoxYeah Campaign was discussed in detail.

  • Discussed etherpad hands on and related tools for community functioning

Upcoming Events in Madurai :

Kavitha - Mozilla Club inauguration and talks on Open Source - Aug 2015
Deepak - Firefox Club inauguration and talks on Open Source - Aug 2015

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124515379@N07/sets/72157654489705719/

**Social Pages :**https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mozilla-Madurai/761235140657783?skip_nax_wizard=true&ref_type=logout_gear

Wordpress Blog Link : https://mozillamadurai.wordpress.com/

Social Impacts:

Event Hashtags: #FoxYeah , #MozTN , #FsaTN

(Rubén Martín) #2

Great, can you edit the message to include a couple of photos? (flickr direct links should do the magic)

(Vigneshwer Dhinakaran) #3

Description: Mozilla makes it’s presence for the first time in Madurai, Tamil Nadu with a cup of coffee with awesome mozillains around the area preparing an event calendar for the year ahead for the members in the locality.

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124515379@N07/sets/72157654489705719/

will this do ?