FSA Training Portal Project 101

(Faye Tandog) #1

Hello Mozillians!
Thanks for your interest to help on the FSA Training Portal!
Here’s all you need to get started:

1.) The training portal is on Github and it is made from the template of P2PU, which is also the template used in the Mozilla Community Education website. You may learn how to use it by visiting this page.
2.) The content structure of the portal is enumerated in this doc. You may add content and put links to useful resources there.
3.) We have a public Trello board so we can track who’s doing what. We will be using Github issues instead!

If you have any questions, just reply on this thread. Feel free to open up topics for discussion!
Let’s do this!

(Abhiram R) #2

Hi Faye,

So how do we go about assigning tasks from the Trello to-do list to ourselves? Also, I feel that since every Trello task deals with some kind of contribution (code/writing) to the repository, we can map it to GitHub issues. Also whenever a Trello card goes from To-do to done, please ensure that the GitHub pull-request id is mentioned on the card.

This will help us be more transparent.

Looking forward to working on this!

(Faye Tandog) #3

Sorry, I’m really new to Github so I didn’t know that they have that Issues feature! It looks neat, do you think we can just use this instead of using a Trello board?

(Abhiram R) #4

Well, if the training portal tasks lie entirely on contributions through GitHub, I feel GitHub issues would be a better option to go ahead with.
We can use Trello for other associated activities maybe, to track promotion strategy or planning an event around the Training Portal itself.

And not to fear, there are always people good with GitHub - we can all pitch in to create an awesome + useful Training portal! =)

(Faye Tandog) #5

Good idea! We can do that. Small tasks concerning actual contribution to the portal content organized into Issues then big/ strategic/ administrative activities on Trello.

Yessss you guys are awesome!

(TJ Lee) #6

Hi friends!

Looking at the portal right now it’s split into these sections:

Beginners Guide
Events Management
Public Speaking
Club Lead Training

Is this final or just a suggestion? Thinking of treating the tabs like steps, so…

  1. Getting Started
    -Intro to Mozilla
    -Intro to Products & Projects
    -Intro to the Program
    -2016 Goals
    -Getting Connected - including info here about regional communities

  2. Next Steps
    -What activities to do online!
    -How to host an offline event, your first introduction session
    -More examples of offline & online events (all relating back to goals)
    -Recognition System Dive

  3. Start a Club (All info on Club Lead Training)
    -@Faye & @Bala to build out this part a bit more

  4. Things You’ll Need
    -Reporting events
    -Letter of identification
    -Requesting for swag & budget
    -Assets (sample social post & graphics)
    -Helpful tools

  5. Skills training
    -Communication ettiquette
    -Public Speaking
    -Conflict Management
    -Firefox OS Dev - more just sharing resources they can click to, etc.

Please feel free to revise, add, takeout and edit :smiley:. Once we have the main sections & sub sections confirmed we can start adding pages?branches? LOL to the main github and then assign things to people who want to help to hack on!

(Faye Tandog) #7

No, not at all, we can change anything if there’s a better way to organize it.
Those are good suggestions! I think that’s better, especially if Mozilla/FSA newbies were to browse it.

(Salman Rahman Desh) #8

Looks good to me. I think pretty good! :slight_smile:

(Abhiram R) #9

Can we include a section called Recognition & People Management (or FSAs management) which deals with keeping track of the recognition systems in place. The 3-tier system (trainee, junior & senior) needs to be detailed here.
Other things that might be probable: (just thinking aloud)

  1. Keeping track of ex-Club Lead & alumni FSA of a particular club
  2. Keeping track of active/inactive FSAs in the club
  3. On-boarding process for new Club Lead & handing over of responsibilities

(TJ Lee) #10

Perfect add!

I know we discussed managing this on Github but Faye and I aren’t too familiar, is it possible to split tasks up on a Trello Board? For example each page = 1 card?

(Rahul Talreja) #11

hello @fayetandog @tjlee
I am Rahul Talreja , ReMo and Senior FSA.
I’m so exited to see this training portal coming up for FSA’s. I remember 2 years back when i enrolled into program it was really difficult to understand the Mozilla and the work to be done as an FSA. But now after this portal i’m sure many problems would have just one solution and that would be this portal.
I would be very happy if i can also contribute here but i am not so good with codes. Is there any good place i can suit in?? (ideas, managing content etc)

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #12

Sharing the Docs which I created to help Firefox Student Ambassadors in different ways. I hope they can be added in the awesome FSA Training Portal @tjlee @fayetandog.

All of them can be accessed in this FSA Program Docs folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bx739uQLxZQaWmhaTGNlUGVQOTA&usp=sharing

Each Doc serves different purposes as described below:

  1. FSA Program - A comprehensive guide to the Firefox Students Ambassador program containing many different links.
  2. Preliminary Tasks - Explains all tasks that FSAs should/need to do in order to keep their Firefox Club organized in a proper way.
  3. Activity & Events - List of different basic Activities and Events which FSAs can easily hold, organize and get their fellow FSAs/students to participate in them.
  4. How to Apply for the FSA Beginner Badge - Explains how FSAs can get the FSA Beginner Badge.
  5. Firefox Club Proposal - To be handed over to the Head of Department/Institute for permission to form a Firefox Club and throw events on campus. It provides details about the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program, Firefox Clubs and different Activities & Events which FSAs can do on campus.
  6. How to Apply for the FSA Trainee Badge - Explains how FSAs can fulfill all requirements of the FSA Trainee Badge and then Apply for it.
  7. How to Apply for CLT to become Club Lead of a Firefox Club - Explains how FSAs can fulfill the requirements of becoming the Club Lead of a Firefox Club and then apply for CLT.

Let me know if any of these Docs need any modifications.

(Faye Tandog) #13

Hey TJ, I think the issues would be easy for us to learn, it looks just like Trello cards with a different UI. I think it would be easier for everyone to navigate only one place too. We can do this, non-dev people! Hahaha

(TJ Lee) #14

SIDENOTE: Wooooow did discourse UX change? COOL.

Alrighty that sounds good let’s go with issues then, how do we start…issuing? pages. I tried something here: https://github.com/fayetandog/fsa-training/issues/3. @abhi12ravi how do I assign people to an issue? LOLL hoping I’m not breaking things

(TJ Lee) #15

Yes Rahul!! Always space :slight_smile: we’re trying to figure out the pages and assign out the sections.

Also thank you @mhasan for the docs, these will DEFINITELY help add content to the portal.

(Faye Tandog) #16

Totally LOVE these! Thanks Hasan! <3

(Abhiram R) #17

I’ve explained it on the Test issue on the repo. Check and let me know!