Fscons 2014

(Oliver Propst) #1

Well this report is a little overdue to some reasons but well better late then never.

FSCONS is a Free Software/Open Source focused conference in Gothenburg (31th Oct - 2th Nov this year). It was at FSCONS 2013 me and @soumya started with our Swedish community activities.

At the 2014 edition of FSCONS we was fortunate to have Åke and Martin with us who both joined the community last year.

At our table we were talking to participants about Mozilla, Firefox, FireFoxOS, how to get involved. It was great to be able to show people the awesome new get-involved page, we was also lucky to have no less then 4 Flame devices with us this time (at FSCONS 2013 we had 1).

You can imagine our surprise we spotted @giorgos and his fellow Mozilla friend who had came all along the way from Greece to participate in the conference came walking down the corridor, was nice to say hello to them.

Åke and @soumya had a talk about Webmaker and connected learning, where Åke shared details about his work as a library project manager. Åke is among other things working with spreading Mozilla’s values in the library world (he have a really cool blog/website I recommend that you check out especially if you are interested in Webmaker and learning).

Me and @soumya had a talk where we detailed our efforts with the renewed Swedish Mozilla community. After the talk we got out to take a picture for the FX10 anniversary (have posted that image in the FX10 thread).

In general I was very happy with FSCONS 2014.