Full page screen shot isn't full page

(Ken) #1

I took a screenshot of ruhacks.com and it doesn’t come up as the full page as seen here: https://screenshots.firefox.com/pbiF1uF6BJMkn6jq/www.ruhacks.com

Is there like a maximum size for the full page screenshot?

(SteveVS) #2

It’s an image of the full page. It’s just scaled differently so that it can look good as a png image, you can download it and change the size to what you need.

Hope that helps


(Ken) #3

I don’t think I was clear, what I meant was that the image linked above is not a screenshot of the full page since it is missing the bottom portion where the footer is. I took the screenshot as a full page screenshot and I was expecting it to contain everything including the footer at the bottom of that page. But it doesn’t and that is why I am trying to figure out is there a maximum size which the screenshot is restricted to because I would love to use this tool if it could take full page screenshots of web pages.

(Donovan Preston) #4

Yes, there is a maximum size. I believe it is 5000 pixels. It would be nice if this restriction could be lifted – I believe it was put into place as a precaution in case taking a shot of a huge page caused problems, but it’s misleading for the feature to say it is taking a shot of the full page but then for it to have this arbitrary limitation which isn’t mentioned anywhere.

(Stefano Cecere) #5

i think the full screen shot is broken… because if i take the screenshot by the Developer Tools by its “Take a screenshot of the entire page” it works perfectly!
so or Save Full Page is bugged, or there is an odd limit that should be removed, since it’s not a technical issue



I agree with others that the full page screenshot appears to be broken. I am running Firefox 59.0.3. I am unable to take a full page screenshot using Developer Tools “Take a screenshot of the entire page” or using the ‘screenshot --fullpage command’ or by trying to select the whole page. Each time I try I capture only the visible portion of the page.