Fwd: Test Pilot Status: May 18, 2018

Test Pilot Status: May 18, 2018

Please find below a status update of Test Pilot and related projects:

Test Pilot

8 issues closed this week with 3 of those from contributors. 

There are 13 remaining issues for this project.

Updated release went out Thursday of this week.

Cloud Storage

Shield Study: launch target May 14 21 28

Shield-Utils v5 has been delayed again which has pushed out the original launch date

    Even though we’re delayed, we’re still on track.

    Final QA will happen once Shield-Utils are complete.

Our survey is moved into Survey Monkey and it’s ready for Shield.


Launch target June 5, 7am PST

Our Outreachy intern, Shruti, started Monday and she’s currently ramping up.

Min Vid

There will be no Shield study; the team determined it was too risky, performance-wise.

Future plans: John Gruen will develop a proposal for implementing a PIP player in browser.


Experiment Definition document complete. This is essentially a future plan document for Notes and John will meet w/Alex Davis regarding plan for Notes, ideally next week.

Risk: Engineering contractor’s final week is next week.

Hoping to get a build into the Google Play store next week; this is a preliminary build only

Dot release for web extension likely next week; 2-3 bug fixes. Dependent on SV smoke test. Target: publish release before All Hands.

Release will likely be pushed out to July 10, so it doesn’t conflict with the release of 61.


@fzzzy has made excellent progress on the Android app. 

The beginnings of mobile flows are sketched out; will reuse much from desktop design.

FxA/Send issues will be filed next week.

Emily, the engineering intern starts 5/21.

Side View

Launch target June 5, 7am PST

Working through final issues for launch.