Gaia web page to easily start working

Hello everyone,

I have just discovered searching into bugzilla a very useful patch created by @benfrancis
Tell me if it has been already posted on discourse but I check regularly and haven’t seen it so far.

@benfrancis has created a page for gaia that lists all the apps. Thanks to that page, you can easily try the apps and debug them in Firefox. It is a really good idea because we need to try turning them as webapps, so they should work in Firefox itself.

All you have to do is clone the kanikani branch from gaia repo and apply Ben’s patch.
It is not yet merged into kanikani but I hope soon.
The bug related to this page is: Bug 1270532 - Create Gaia front page as an index of web apps

I’m starting to look what is broken on these apps right now :smiley:


I’m waiting to merge this into the kanikani branch but in the meantime you can see the page and open the apps here.

This helps us see what gaia apps look like when served as static web content in the browser so we can start to get them working as web apps. We can then track which apps have been successfully turned into web apps.