Galician dialects not showing for recording

Dialects in Galician were merged about 10 days ago ( We’ve been asking people to refrain from recording until they can be selected in the profile, but it looks as thought they haven’t been enabled for some reason. What’s the status of this issue? - Waiting for a global decision on dialects to be made? Waiting for a software update? - If they can’t be enabled right now, is it possible to start recording now and have all those sentences automatically mapped to the chosen dialect later?

Looks like they got enabled in the last release, not sure how long it will be till it’s deployed though…

Releases happen every two weeks, generally speaking on Wednesday morning Eastern Time. If you see a feature in a release note, it means it’s available on Production (I don’t write those until after the release has gone out). I’ve just double-checked that the Galician accents are available to select in the profile dropdown, so you’re good to go.