Getting Started with UX

Welcome to the Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program’s UX and Accessibility team!

Flatfish has necessitated large display support system-wide, and the bugs are pouring in. Check out our Bugzilla Meta Bug for a list of user experience and accessibility bugs. Please use this template to file UX or Accessibility bugs.

If you need assistance with an issue, please make a post in this subcategory, or contact us in the #tcp channel on irc://

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Hi Joshua and anyone else interested in Flatfish UX,
I am wondering if there is a process in place to discuss user experience issues. I am not talking about obvious UI bugs, but rather issues that may need a little bit of discussion before we can break it down into actionable bugs. How do you guys do this right now? I took a peak at some of the bugs linked to the meta bug you provided. Many of them seem related to UI enhancement for larger screen, but I can not see how those issues are being addressed. It is very hard to see the bigger picture. Is there a higher level discussion happening somewhere else about how the FxOS user experience is defined? Sorry for many questions, I am still not sure how to participate in discussios to improve various aspects of the user experience on Flatfish.
PS: I reported this bug a while ago, should I do anything else with UX bugs like that, so they will be reviewed?

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Hello arasbm!

My apologies for the late reply (vacation and other such craziness). We are just getting started with UX on the Flatfish device, and are still working out details. In addition, the UX facet of Firefox OS moves very quickly, and while the team is working on it, volunteers like you and me can be left in the dark a bit.

One thing you should definitely do is make the UX bugs you file block flatfish-ux and include [Flatfish] in the whiteboard. For now, we can discuss UX in this subcategory or on IRC.

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