Git push : password problems

Hi There…

When I enter git push I’m prompted to enter my username and password for Github.

I had no trouble inputting my username and I made a personal access token to substitute for my password, but the command line for my password won’t let me enter or paste any text. The only thing I can do is hit enter which tells me that it wasn’t able to access my Github and returned a 403 error.

Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Well, I finally found the solution.

It was very simple, but it took me over 4 hours to find a solution (unfortunately :sweat_smile:).
It’s just that the password, even if you type it in, won’t show up on the command line.
Just type it in - even if it doesn’t appear - and hit Enter.
And that’s it… :upside_down_face: