GitHub/others login to

(David R.) #1

Has any discussion occurred about enabling login via GitHub/Google/etc. on

I just wanted to post something, but hit the login screen and stopped. I don’t particularly want to have yet another account floating around. Especially one I will seldom use. And I’d really rather keep all my mozilla stuff associated with one login. In this case, GitHub, since that’s what I used here on discourse as well as Bugzilla.

(Rmcguigan) #2

Hi @jerrac
The user audience for the Support Site currently needs a low barrier to entry for account creation. Unfortunately, I believe this to be a blocker for general users. The accounts will have different login credentials.

However, exploring having different options for login is something that has been on the backlog in previous discussions. IF you do not see it listed, try filing a bug in this component:

(David R.) #3

@rmcguigan Adding third party login would help lower that barrier. I’d think it would be easier to click “Login with Twitter/Google/GitHub/etc” than to fill out a registration form and verify an email address.

Bug added.