Gloda messageAttributes

Hello. Newbie here. I posted somewhere else and was pointed at this forum. I hope I’m not going against established etiquette with the message below.

Could someone familiar with TB point me in the direction of something that explains the data model please?

My technical question is simple: it looks like every messageAttributes.attributeID should exist in That is not the case for attributeID=1. What does this attributeID represent?

Ultimately I am trying to list the unique direct correspondents associated with a particular account, so I can let them know where to e-mail me after I have closed it. I.e., the people I have sent e-mails to or received e-mails from, but not those who have been cc’d by people who e-mailed me and that I have never e-mailed to. I think the best approach to solving this problem is to dig into Gloda, and that’s where the technical question comes from.