Go back to Firefox OS ?


On a ZTE Open C with TeamWin Recovery Project 3.0.2-0 and Boot2Gecko, how to go back to Firefox OS ?


You need to reflash the original v1.3 ROM ?


Yes, after searching, reading and trying, I find a way to do it.

Here is a quick tutorial, in my situation :

you need :

that you can find on KonstaKANG.com: https://konstakang.com/devices/kis3/CM13/

And Pack_root_du_ZTE_Open_C.zip

Extract : Open_c_root_Android4.4.rar on PC

You get :


and put the 2 .zip files on a microSD card.

Then put the microSD in your ZTE and start it on TeamWin Recovery Project 3.0.2-0.

With TeamWin Recovery Project 3.0.2-0, install : EU_Android+to+FFOS.zip.

Finaly on a PC update your ZTE with the Pack_root_du_ZTE_Open_C.zip.

Done !! it work !! :grinning: