Governance Working Group

(Thatoo) #61

Thank you very much @Luca.
I also had a look at these solutions, most probably faster than yours, and I had found also Loomio the most appealing.

(Luca) #62

Thank you guys, I just hope to be helpful somehow.

Now, if you agree, I could contact them informally, asking how would it work with the hosting plan (there is at least a donation to do, if ai remember well), and if they have previous experiences or suggestions to use Loomio to manage a software-related community.

(Lapineige) #63

Well it’s a lot too soon IMHO, this will come later when we will be back to governance model discussions.

(Luca) #64

Perfecf, lets wait a little :slight_smile:

(Thatoo) #65

A french article about Loomio :

(Lapineige) #66

You could precise that’s a french article :stuck_out_tongue:
Fine, Framasoft is hosting a Loomio instance, that’s a good point for the infrastructure part.

(Luca) #67

Thank you Thatoo, I’m going to read it as soon as possible, it seems interesting and … complete :smiley:

(Luca) #68

Just to let you know it, Loomio recently received a big update:


I found this link in yours and wold like to highlight it.

(Lapineige) #70

Excellent, thanks a lot @Novski for sharing this :slight_smile:

I especially think the part about making our goal our boss apply really well to this project, and that’s why things like a manifesto, to write it clearly, is a good think to explain our goal and to organize us in order to reach it :wink:

The part about making a bridge while walking on its side also apply very well to this topic (the question of the governance): we should do it step by step, from the egg to the butterfly :slight_smile:
(as we actually do with the council, which is the caterpillar step ;))


I read and watched a bit more about loomio and i realy think it cold be a great tool for us to work with in future. Sure its to early, we need to step over the problems of transitions right now but i just like to think forward. Who is in contact with Mozilla and can ask if they already work with loomio?
Maybe they can open us a groupe easily…

(Lapineige) #72

It definitely seems to be a great tool - like the first one to consider.
However, as you said, it’s a bit too soon, the community is still small and we have other important tasks to tackle.
The council should do an intermediate checkup after 3 months (so in August) to prepare the next step (as we decided in a weekly to think about a solution after the 6 months period) - and it’s a good time to speak about Loomio, and the possibility of a democratic system.