Greek sample validation questions

Γεια σας παιδιά!

How do you evaluate samples with typos but the contributor read them properly (i.e. correcting the typos as they speak)?

For example:
“του γερο-Φτωχούλη, να ξεχάσω κι εγώ τα βάσανα μου;”

where there is an accent missing in “βάσανα μου”

and the contributor read “βάσανά μου” as it should be.

What do you do in cases like this?

I didn’t find anything on the subject.

Thank you.

Hello Angel Milev :wave:

If you come across such errors, you can report the sentence by using the “Report” button on the lower left side. There are different reasons in the form where one of them is something like “grammatical/orthographical error”.

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Thank you, mikoMK. :+1:
Will do.

Appreciate it.

Just now, I noticed that some of these phrases are coming back for reviewing without any changes. So I report them again but is this very efficient though?

(Also, I’ve had validated ones come back as well, some sort of duplicates I guess?)

Or am I missing something?

Unfortunately there’s no mechanism in place yet, which removes reported sentences. The only thing that happens at the moment is that they are grouped in an own file in the downloadable datasets together with the report reason. They are not removed from your validation queue.
About the reappearing validated sentences: In my unterstanding sentences which you have voted “yes” or “no” shouldn’t come up again in your validation queue. Maybe someone more experienced than me could comment on that.

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Thank you for clarifying. This makes sense about reported sample coming back.

Regarding repeated validated sentences, I might have skipped that particular one though, so I take this back. Later, I realized we ran out of sample to validate in that language (Turkish), so that’s why I had one piece come back but I must have just skipped it the first time. Sorry about the confusion.

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