Gribouille: a demo hand-writing/drawing application

(Guillaume Savaton) #1

I have been developing a small hand-writing and drawing demo application called Gribouille. It is available from a GitHub repository.
My main concern was to understand why freehand drawing apps like AntPaint are completely unusable on the Flatfish, and to experiment with solutions.

You will find details and experimental results in a blog post about it. This experiment is not easily reproducible. Maybe it would have been better to write real benchmarks instead of an app that mixes user actions with graphics rendering. But I hope it will give ideas to other people and that some questions will get answered.

Thanks for your feedback.

(Steve Lee) #2

This is great. My understanding of the Firefox OS goals is to find and fix the pain points in creating a pure HTML OS. This really helps.

Does any one have ideas?

(Guillaume Savaton) #3

I have just updated the article with results using Chrome on the Nexus 7.

(Mandeep) #4

Awesome, I had played around with drawing apps on the flatfish a few weeks ago and none of them worked well. Drawing apps are definitely something that’ll see more use on a tablet form factor.