Hackathon at MJCET on several Media channels and newspapers

(Sujith Reddy) #1

2 days ago, we had a App Development Contest in a college in Hyderabad. It was on several media channels and newspapers.

We are writing blogposts about the event, more about it would be out pretty soon :smile:

(Rubén Martín) #2

Moving to events category.

(Abhiram R) #3

This is some amazing news.
Could you please let us the know the way in which you have got in touch with the media personnel? It would be of great help to many other events being conducted across India.

Keep up the great efforts!

(Bandaruharsha57) #4

That was a huge response from the crowd :slight_smile: feel great to be part of the hackathon as a techincal mentor :smiley: