Handling 3rd party app bugs

(Steve Lee) #1

How should we best handle app specific bugs for 3rd party apps, ie not included with Gaia? Should they be marked with a keyword to clearly identify them?

They are worth tracking on bugzilla for now at least as they are likely to surface problems with the new platform or form factor. We also need to contact the author and point them to the bug so they work with us on the resolution

@gaby2300 has created a couple of such app bugs as 1019288 and 1019297.

(Mohammed Irfan) #2

Proposing a new keyword sounds like a good idea to isolate reports of app issues outside of Gaia. The closest existing keyword I got was “papercut” (from here) :-

An issue that can affect hurt daily use of Firefox OS. This annoyance
could be user or developer-facing or falls into any of the categories
related to feature/functional enhancement, defect or poor performance.

We could also notify the developers through email, link them to the bug reports and relevant discussions regarding the issue, and they can also be a part of the TCP!

(Steve Lee) #3

The name and description seem to be for very minor bugs in almost any area. However the first of the 16 listed sounds pretty serious - can make calls.

If it’s not easy to add a new keyboard like “otherapps” then I also suggest we use this one.

Absolutely - I like your last point of them joining the TCP :slight_smile:

(Andrew Williamson) #4

FWIW, bugs in pre-installed apps are expected to live a component under Tech Evangelism [1], so a similar component could be created for tablet bugs in general.

(Steve Lee) #5

That works for me. How would we get it created?

(A.Ben) #6

Well when we reviewed the applications for the TCP program we excluded Third Party apps developers so …

As for handeling the bugs : i personnaly tweet / email the developers of the apps i use without filing bugs

(Steve Lee) #7

True. my understanding is that was as as we’re focussing on platform/ form factor bugs and have limited devices. My view, which may be different to @asa’s, is many platform bugs only surface through apps. The simulator can always be used to test without a tablet, though with limited accuracy.Also, there’s no harm in encouraging app devs to embrace responsive universal design as part of our “web for all” stance by pointing out problems to them :slight_smile:

The risk is then that they may work around an underlying problem without the issue being address. However the better app devs will likely engage with Mozilla if the problem is not theirs exclusively. I guess either work, as long as the issue IS reported.

(Gabriela) #8

@slee, I received the following reply from Bubble Fish’s developer:

The game should work on the tablet too. But I don’t have a tablet to test on

Would this be a subtle way of asking for a tablet?

Besides that, I think I will tell him maybe the game should work on the tablet too, but it actually does not. Should I add something else to my reply?

(A.Ben) #9

they should apply for the upcoming tablets ( the 7’ )

(Gabriela) #10

Thank’s! Is there any link to apply yet?

(A.Ben) #11

Not yet i think in September but I m not sure

(Steve Lee) #12

Almost certainly :smile:

I was going to say add he can use the 2.0 simulator but I can’t see how to change it’s resolution now.

Anyone know how?

(Gabriela) #13

Right, I’l tell him about it!

(Steve Lee) #14


(Gabriela) #15

@slee, sorry, what does the bug mean?

(A.Ben) #16

it’s about the Firefox OS Simulator ( it has just one screen resolution configuration )

(Gabriela) #17

@abderahemane_be, Now I understand, thanks!

(Steve Lee) #18

Sorry, I was in terse mode. This bug tracks the problems with setting the simulator to 1200x800 or 800x1200 for the tablets. This will be useful for app developers who don’t have a tablet as discussed above. I recorded a work around on the bug till it gets fixed with a proper screen size settings UX in the simulator

(Gabriela) #19

@slee, right, thanks!

(Gabriela) #20

@slee, I filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1021236 and I’ll contact support@doubleduck.co about it.