Hardware Support | Warranty

Do we have any kind of information regarding warranty of the devices we got under FoxFooding?
I have atleast two of mozillians face hardware issues (which seems to be common for this device after Googling it seems) with the phone. And wanted to know if we can approach Sony Service Centers

Can you be more descriptive of the “common hardware issues” ?

The most common one it seems is this one which is plaguing one of the devices. And really is the most annoying one


You will notice how specific the problems are and how specific the portion is when the digitizer fails. Which most people conclude initially that must be a software glitch and later realize its a hardware problem. And also how “common” this hardware issue is.

Another one which is again unique and “common” is related to vibrartion. This however I found out was widely unpopular among Z1 devices. But apparently one another Z3C is facing this


Hope the references are enough to term them as common

Are you aware that all foxfooding stopped nearly one year ago, and that B2G is completely discontinued ?

Yes I am aware of that fact. As well as teh whole process, discussion regarding discontinuing of foxfooding, consecutively asking volunteers that they can install android in it and later with a message that if ever its required they may get called back. But for all intents and purposes they can keep them.

As you may have noticed I did not specifically ask for any support from boot to gecko /fxos/ foxfooidng teams or anyone. I just asked this and in this forum because the devices were distributed from Participation and if there is any possibility they had any kind of warranty information in hand. Which also probably is a very stretch to imagine. But doesn’t hurt to ask. But this was the foxfooding thread I noticed people have asked troubleshooting questions. Feel free to move/delete if you think this is wrong thread.