Has Campus Clubs gone inactive?

(Vishal 11702786) #1

I recently completed the Orientation program and everything there was 2 years old! Neither have I heard from Mozilla after completing! I am from India no replies there either! Whats going on? Did Mozilla stop supporting Campus Clubs?

(Kevin "Ilphrin" Pellet) #2

Hi Vishal_Das,

I also wanted to open a Campus Club (in France) and after a few months without any news I sent an email to campusclubs@mozilla.com and I had this answer

Hi Kevin and apologies for the late reply.
I am afraid that we are not accepting new Mozilla Campus Clubs for quite some time now. Where did you register?
However you can use your planning guide, planning and all the available resources on our website to run your Open Source Club.

So yeah it seems Campus Clubs are gone, and that is so sad to hear :confused:

(Vishal 11702786) #3

Well after noticing these, I have gone through every announcement Mozilla had made regarding these. One of them was about Mozilla Clubs(non-campus). They stopped supporting those but claimed that this doesn’t effect the working of Campus Clubs and that those will continue working as before!
Besides if they had stopped supporting Campus Clubs, the form for Club Captains should also been stopped but it’s open! I really don’t know what’s going on! I’ve mailed Mozilla about this issue, let’s see if I get any reply!

(Christos Bacharakis) #4

Hi @Vishal_Das, @ilphrin and thanks for reaching out!

The Mozilla Campus Clubs program has not gone inactive.
While we are designing new activities and supporting our network of clubs, the volume of the network grew a lot in 2018 and as a result we couldn’t support it.

All of our energy was put to support new Club captains setting up their club with a result of not having enough resources to support any other Clubs.

As a result we had to stop accepting new Clubs around March. Since then we have been running a lot of efforts within the network of our active clubs, like the first-ever coding challenge last month.

As I already communicated to @ilphrin last week, we are going to reopen the applications tomorrow applying a few programmatic changes.
We can read more in the relevant post here.

(Kevin "Ilphrin" Pellet) #5

Thanks Christos!

I understand better now why there was some issue with creating Campus Club. As said in your linked post, I think I will start my Campus Club on my own and register to Mozilla when a few things will already be set.

(Vishal 11702786) #6

Thanks Christos! I have completed the Orientation Program and submitted the Year plan as well! So my next step should be registering my club?