Hate speech... really?

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I don’t know anything about that email but am quite weary of hearing about freedom of speech.

When a group of people use social media to play on people’s misguided emotions (and leave out the truth) to burn down a city if they don’t get what they want, that is not freedom of speech. That is an act of civil disobedience and is against the stability and safety of the very nations that protect those freedoms. It’s nothing but mob mentality.

You ever notice that the people who want to invoke their freedom of speech are almost always speaking against the principles that provide that freedom? They want freedom of speech to tear down but never to build up, to say filthy things but never clean things. What ever happened to don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?

And how about some freedom of hearing. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody just shut up for awhile and got quietly to work on what’s important. It’s hard to work and be part of a solution to the problems, but it’s easy to complain and destroy things.

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I wish that was a solution but the ostrich plan (going back to work) is not going to help. I just need to know exactly what Mozilla means by Hate Speech. Since no one from Mozilla has addressed the issue I really should do research on #StopHateForProfit. They clearly support that group!

Don’t you think you should have researched them before you accused Mozilla of being against free speech? That’s kind of the point concerning the misuse of social media–to get people excited about something about which they do not know all the facts, and play on their emotions to get them to act in some manner, all the while inciting them further by giving them misinformation.

Your post presents the group as being against free speech and Mozilla as being a bad organization by association with them; and now you write that you "really should do research on [them]." You should have done your research before you made the post and questioned the motives and reputation of Mozilla.

And how do you know "They clearly support that group!"? What information do you have?

And you introduce a false premise that "The term “hate speech” is widely known as the call to cancel free speech." Who says? There are a number of Supreme Court cases about this that could be easily researched also, although I don’t agree with an activist court. When one opens their mouth their intent must be taken into consideration, and other people have rights also that one’s mouth can easily infringe upon. I was taught about one of these cases in the fourth grade some several decades ago; it’s nothing new.

I don’t know anything about the group and don’t waste my time with social media at all. I won’t write here what I think of social media but it ain’t good and I wouldn’t believe a thing that appears there.

If Mozilla is in support of stopping the violence that is taking place in this nation, even if only by encouraging people and business to stop supporting/funding one of the sources of it, then I support Mozilla in that. That’s what you’re stating you are going to do regarding Mozilla for their alleged support of this group, about which you know nothing except they used the term “hate speech.”

Fortunately, I still have the liberty to write that. But if one of these groups ever got power, they’d take that right away as soon as they could. They don’t believe in the principles upon which this nation was founded.

Perhaps, you ought to research some of the groups you are in support of also and find out exactly what they are about and what you are supporting in supporting them. Do you really have all the facts about them or did they just get you excited about some topic you felt strongly about through misinforming you?

I’m not trying to be rude to you or ridicule you. It used to be said that people would believe anything that appeared in print, no matter how ridiculous. Now people believe whatever pops up on their telephone screens. That’s not news; that’s garbage. They don’t want you to be informed and have the facts.

Hate speech is kind of todays’ days sign, at least kind of really.

More and more people are being paid just for this: hating without any noticeable reason. The more hate they express the better they get paid. Fucked up as it may seem, this is becoming reality.

Everything you said was rude and ridicule! Haha. Too late! Sounds like a leftest to me. Always accusing everyone of the guilts they perform.

I posted here to attempt to find out facts. I don’t want to withdraw my support. I want to learn if I must because of the evidence Mozilla is providing.

I know what free speech is… I’ve enjoyed it throughout a long life. I know that trying to stop “hate speech” is an attempt to end free speech! And I positively know that I will not support any organization who can’t see that. I really would like to know the organizations stance on this issue.

One last question my codedebugger friend… are you part of the Mozilla organization. Do you speak your words of behalf of this organization? Thanks in advance.

No, I am not part of the Mozilla organization. I very much doubt they’d want me speaking on their behalf.

I didn’t even know there was a Community Portal until it popped up at the top of the list while I was searching for information on coding an extension. I rarely ever post in that type of forum and wasn’t looking for one.

It’s also not my intention to ridicule you; I don’t know you. But it is my intention to respond to what you presented for what it is.

I don’t follow your meaning referring to me as a “leftist”. Since I wrote against those
burning down cities and attempting to cause national instability and you refer to me as a leftist, are you implying that those who are burning down cities and attempting to cause national instability are conservatives or on the right politically? That is not logical, for would not the party in office want to at least give the impression of stability immediately prior to an election.

Does it not appear obvious to you that the groups that are inciting misguided people to violence are doing so right before an election to oppose the incumbent? And is not the owner of Facebook a liberal, a leftist, and encouraging those same acts? Is it not the leftists that you feel Mozilla’s position is against?

I receive a news letter from an organization that tries to protect people’s rights today, especially when the little guy is being crushed in the courts by a large organization. I don’t know a whole lot about them though except that they are fairly conservative. In their most recent letter they quote the governor or California as saying something along the lines of “We know your rage is real. Express it and let us hear you.” I didn’t hear the governor say that myself and am just sharing from their letter, and I don’t live or work in California.

What would you call that other than inciting people to violence? A liberal governor inciting people to express their rage to be heard at the time of an election when the incumbent is from the other party. He didn’t say, “Vote your conscience; state your position, inform others of the truth, debate the facts.”

I’m pretty sure Dr. Martin Luther King always insisted upon peaceful marches and demonstrations and never condoned violence. The governor said express your rage. You know, go burn something down, smash something up, attack an innocent person in the street that you don’t like the look of and blame it on the current administration. They don’t state a position; they just express their rage.

If that quote is true (which I believe it to be since they are a legal organization and know all about libel and slander; and are small to have to protect themselves) then the governor was irresponsible and unfit for the position at best. I think it should be a crime for someone in that position to make such a statement encouraging violence. Liberal governors and mayors have been doing similar things throughout the country.

You cannot consider that freedom of speech. You cannot consider “expressing rage” freedom of speech.

Instead of talking about freedom of speech in general, state your position on the specific issue you presented.

Is Facebook encouraging violence, whether you term it hate speech or not?

Is it right for them to do so?

Is it wrong for Mozilla or any other organization or individual to take opposition to it, to speak out against it, to encourage others to do the same?

I agree with your comment that leftists are “always accusing everyone of the guilts they perform” but I don’t see how my comments were leftist. If you are conservative then you and I ought to be in agreement.