Help building Flatfish Image remotely

(raposo) #1

I am trying to build the images of Flatfish (master) remotely in an AWS instance, I would like to create a community AMI for this and help to update the tablets in an easy way.

But I’ve got a problem, I don’t have the tablet yet and it’s needed for the first build. From the TCP wiki:

The first build will pull necessary files into backup-flatfish which is
automatic created by You DO NOT need to connect
flatfish device if backup-flatfish is created.

So, could someone with the tablet send me the directory?

@asa, What is the “flatfish intranet page” which I found in the logs?. Could we have access?

Logs file:

ubuntu:~/B2G$ time ./

including device/generic/armv7-a-neon/
including device/generic/armv7-a/


Blob setup script has changed, re-running
Pulling files from device
error: device not found
Found unknown firmware with build ID
Please download a compatible backup-flatfish directory.
Check the flatfish intranet page for information on how to get one.

Build failed!

(Steve Lee) #2

I can’t help with your images as I don’t yet have my tablet :frowning: . However you might want to look at the following page for the build options to use for flatfish:

I also wonder if we should specifiy the Android build VARIANT flag as by default it will do an “eng” build and we might want “user” and “userdebug”. I seem to recal the “eng” build causes gaia include a load of test apps, though I’m not sure if the Android kernel is actually built

PS I don’t think any of this depends on being remote on AWS as specified in the topic title.

(Alfredos (fredy) Damkalis) #3

+1 It would be very useful to have the blob files for building. This will help people that haven’t received their tablet yet to start building and experiment.

Unfortunately these blobs can not be distributed publicly from Mozilla due to license reasons, so we have to find other solution.

(Steve Lee) #4

Don’t forget this thread -

(raposo) #5

I am not asking Mozilla to distribute those files publicly, but privately. In fact, as the files are in the tablet, they would send a part of the tablet in advance :slight_smile:

Anyway, if it’s not possible, I will wait to the tablet and I will continue from there.

Thanks guys!