Help getting the basic functionality for the smart phone ready

It’s been quiet long time since B2G OS was handed over to the community. The main target ahead for us is to enable basic phone features such as Dialer, SMS, Contacts & Clock.

We already made a call for App adoption for various apps before which received a good response. But, for now these above mentioned apps are important to work.

Urgent: We need gecko hackers who have idea how the system works. Many important things are there to fix.

Current Status:

  • Dialer is done
  • Clock is done
  • @gsvelto is working on SMS app


  • Gecko hackers needed. Please contact @lissyx
  • Contacts
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@lissyx I’m not a gecko expert but I’ve looked into Gecko in the past. I’d really enjoy helping you :wink:


@gsvelto what’s the status of SMS app ?

Note done yet; I’m currently looking into bug 1291291 because it’s fairly vital for the continuation of the project.



Is it possible to make an update of to see what is working and to test it?
@benfrancis are you the one who can make the update?

Thanks for all the work done.