Help needed in structuring of planet data

i have finished the assessment but am having problem with the last columns it is not organize please help me out

Hi @Rei_collins and welcome to the community :wave:

This looks almost correct :tada:

The large cell in the last column is because you missed to add empty cells where there is no content (<td></td>)
I also recommend that you put your code into the HTML Validator from W3C. This page will check if your HTML code ist valid. You will see quite some warnings and errors that you should fix.

Feel free to post your improved code again here. I’m happy to assess it again :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day!

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mikoMK thanks for the reply i have validated it and i have also changed some of the error that HTML Vallidator showed me, but i dont understand this particular statementA table row was 12 columns wide and exceeded the column count established using column markup (3).

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Glad it helped so far!

This particular problem comes from the <colgroup>. You have only defined three columns in there (2 + 1 = 3). What you need is an additional <col span="9"> at the end (2 + 1 + 9 = 12).

Any more questions? I’m happy to answer! :smiley:

I think JSFiddle sometimes changes the URL when you save the code. So if you are ready for a reassessment please post the newest link.

Happy coding!

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thanks mikoMK for the help i have done it, there is no more errors thanks

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Great work on the improvements! :medal_sports:

Now everything is correct! Congratulations!