Help Needed: Tablet Survey

Hi there,

As part of the user study for Project Tablet we have put together an online survey and we’d like to get as many people to fill out this survey as possible. It should take less than 10 minutes of your time.

We’d also be grateful if you could help us by distributing this survey to your friends and family to help us get the biggest data set we can. We’re especially interested in getting responses from people who might consider themselves to be “tech pessimists” or who don’t currently own a tablet computer, so please consider sharing the survey directly with people who you think might fit that description.

Thanks in advance for your help!



I did it & i will share the news too :slight_smile:



With the kind of info requested in the survey it might be a good idea to also link to a privacy policy at the start.

I filled the survey and I will share it :wink:


I filled the survey. :slight_smile:

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Shared too, on French Firefox OS forum (I hope they will share it to their friends/families :slight_smile: )

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survey submitted and link shared.

Survey completed :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for all the responses so far!

Whilst we’ve had a great response, a problem we’re experiencing now is that we’re struggling to reach enough people in our main target segment - that’s people who are “tech pessimists” or “late adopters” of technology, or who don’t currently own a tablet computer. The majority of responses so far are tech savvy males in their 20s.

I’m pretty confident that anyone who is one this forum is not a tech pessimist or a late adopter!

If you know someone (perhaps a parent, grandparent or luddite friend) who does fit that description, it would be really helpful if you would consider sending the survey to them directly.

Thanks in advance



"The majority of responses so far are tech savvy males in their 20s."
What a surprise :confused: (this might says a lot about the B2G community)

So a big :+1: for that:

As a tech savvy male not in his 20s now I feel old :slight_smile:

I’ve forwarded it to most of my family and almost none of them uses a tablet so they might provide some interesting insights… or they might not :frowning:


@benfrancis this guy is having some problem with the survey

Ah, yes that’s intentional. We’ve received a lot of responses from people who don’t fit the target market segment the study is investigating so we’ve turned on a filter which prevents those people wasting their time filling out the rest of the questions. Sorry if the message isn’t very informative, it’s just the language the software uses!

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I’ve changed the response to be a bit more informative :slight_smile:

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It’s a nice step :slight_smile:

Do you confirm this survey is multilingual or only english ?


This project is stopped. You need not worry about this now