Help on the dialer


@gsvelto could use someone’s help:
The person we’re looking for to help out with the dialer should have good JavaScript skills, and should be interested about learning some of the internals of Gecko (e.g. the difference between regular and chrome code, how the telephony API works). The work involves porting the code of a trimmed down dialer to chrome code and ensuring that basic functionality works (making/receiving calls, displaying the call log would be a bonus). We’re not looking at handling contacts yet at this stage, only basic number-based operation so that we have a simple foundation to build upon.

It’s a good opportunity to learn about the telephony side on B2G.
If you’re interested, please contact Gabriele here or on IRC, he’s @gsvelto on both.


Hi there,

I’d be interested to help out if a helper is still being sought.


Alastair I’ve posted a short list of good first bugs in the dialer here:

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I can’t access to the topic:

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Am I the only one ?

Silly me, it’s a message not a public topic :blush: Here’s the bugs:

These are all relatively simple bugs to fix so that one can get acquainted with the code.

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The full list of bugs is here:

There’s a lot of old stuff in there and I’m going over it trying to close all the bugs that don’t make sense any more. Feel free to open new ones for issues you encounter while using the dialer and also for design and functionality change. With the project being transitioned to the community we’re not limited by a roadmap or pre-existing designs.

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This one is also interesting though it might require a little more effort:

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Finally this is a list of the bugs we deemed more important. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it’s also a good resource for finding good first bugs.

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Thanks @gsvelto for these resources ! :slightly_smiling:

@gsvelto, thanks. I’ll see if I can work on one of these today!

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@asppsa Which one will you be working on?

Hey, so I’ve looked at those three bugs:

  • Bug 1044028 appears to depend on the contacts API. Is this working in B2G OS yet?
  • Bug 1057321 requires two SIMs. My device (Nexus 4) doesn’t have this, so I’m not sure I can work on this, unless there’s some way I can repro with an emulator perhaps. Or maybe as a unit test, with some mocking?
  • Bug 1077073 also seems like it would be best addressed
    via some kind of mock-based unit testing, as it seems like it will be hard to repro otherwise.

I think I’ll make an attempt on 1077073, unless anyone has a better idea?


Hi again,

I’ve not been able to run the existing suite of unit tests for the dialer (not even to see the tests fail). Is anyone able to confirm whether they are currently expected to work? If not, any ideas on what it would take for them to be able to run?