Help "Promote MDN" WordPress plugin with new terms

Hi guys,
this time I want to talk about Promote MDN (already showed here
It’s a Wordpress plugin and I am the maintainer, you can see on

The idea of the plugin it’s pretty simple, every time someone write HTML or javascript, as example, that terms became a link to a specific page on MDN in their site. In that way we offer two services: links for the users and improve the pagerank of mdn.
The plugin offer also other things like banner to promote mdn ( but I need your help to improve the list of terms.

On you can see that actual list of terms with links but we need more terms and links like for vr or new technology.

So I wait your pull request or tickets in the repo :smiley:

PS: the plugin download the list based on the settings of the user and enable to put custom terms.


Nice, I’ve added new terms and sorted them to make it easy for humans.

Also I made another pull request to improve plugin’s security and created Issues for other stuff. I’m interested in collaborating on this plugin, I think I’m able to send patches to make it even better :smiley:

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I saw the pull requests!
I will review asap!