HELP WANTED: Event Toolkit Feedback/QA

(Michael Henretty) #1

Hello Connected Devicers,

Our Mozilla Innovation Team is in the process of releasing an online Toolkit to help Mozillians run their own innovation process. As it’s still very much in beta form, we need help making sure the content is intuitive, useful, and error-free. If you are interested in giving us help (either in the form of user feedback, or general website QA) please ping me and I’ll add you to our list.

You can reach me either on this thread or:
irc: mhenretty
telegram: @mikehenrty
twitter: @mikehenrty


(Ram) #2

Count me in :slight_smile:

(Andre Alves Garzia) #3

Want to help and have tons of devices that could be used for an event here! <3 <3 <3

(Henrik Mitsch) #4

Please add me to the testers, @mhenretty.

(João Paulo Polles) #5

I want to help in this project. :slight_smile:

(Amine Zaafouri) #6

Can you add me to the list too please ?

(Geraldo Barros) #7

I can help! :smile:

(Karthic Keyan) #8

Count me in :smiley: Would be happy to contribute

(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #9

@mhenretty I’m interested! I’ll happy to help you out!

(Rufus Chakravarthy Sharma) #10

@mhenretty count me in…

(Pamela) #11

I’m interested, please count me

(ganesh) #12

Hello Michael,

I am super excited to be on board! please add me.

(Raffaele) #13

@mhenretty please count me in :slight_smile:

(Alaa Shaheen) #14

Hi Michael,
Please count me in, would love to help in this.

(Jaime Maretoli) #15

I want to help in this project too. :grin:

(Christophe) #16

Count me in

(Sukanta Pal) #17

Count me in

(Sheldon Led) #18

I wanna be part of this \o/

(Anand S) #19

I wannna be part of this project

(Michael Henretty) #20

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped us review and make the toolkit better. We were happy that we got a lot of positive feedback, but even happier that you gave us concrete improvements that we could use to make the toolkit better.

Thanks to your help, we’ve made the toolkit live and we are continuing to improve it and think of ways to use it in our innovation efforts.

If you have any more feedback/questions/concerns feel free to contact me directly at:
mhenretty (at)

Thanks again everyone!