Help Wanted ! For creating resources for new contributors in SUMO

(Sethu) #1


We are creating articles for new contributors to help them get started with SUMO. Currently, we have planned to cover the following topics -

  1. How to get started signed up and answer questions
    -How to formulate a good answer
  2. How to do research and get help with the current resources
  3. How Tags work and Moderation works
  4. What it means to be a top contributor

Feel free to suggest ideas or changes to the planned topics. Also, if you would like to contribute to this, please let me know.

Thank you.

(S M Sarwar Nobin) #2

I want to help you. I’m working for bn-BD community.

(Sethu) #3

Thank you so much. Could you please share your email so that I can share the doc with you.

(Rmcguigan) #4

@sethusathyan I see that one of your questions is similar to this discussion, can you share a little bit of what you are seeing in the document you are working on with other community members here too : What is a High Value Contributor in SUMO?

(S M Sarwar Nobin) #5