Hide Automatic Updates row in about:addons?

(Jeff Johnson) #1

My Firefox add-on is bundled with my Mac app, and all updates to the add-on come from the Mac app. I don’t have update_url in my manifest.json. As a consequence, automatic updates are not available for the add-on. However, the “Automatic Updates” row still appears in my add-on’s Preferences in about:addons, even though that feature is non-functional. Is there any way to prevent the “Automatic Updates” row from appearing in the Preferences?

(Martin Giger) #2

Not as far as I know - it also doesn’t impact your users at all then, except that they may expect to not get updates from your native app when they disable auto updates?

(Jeff Johnson) #3

The only impact is customer confusion. So it’s not a major problem, it would just be nice to avoid the confusion.